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Botanical Garden Velemun

3 D id you know that Velemun is the name for a type of highly decorative plant belonging to the Lincura family? If you know this, then you probably did not know that after this plant has been named the first botanical garden in the municipality of Plav, in the village Brezojevice, more precisely – at the foot of the mountains in the Visitor in whose rich flora of this plant is very common.

T he story about this garden, which presents a vivid, always open and beautifully decorated exhibition of the most interesting plants of Prokletije and its creator, a teacher of biology and chemistry and a pedagogical advisor Milutin – Mico Praščević, is the story of a great love for the mountains and plants of Prokletije and their highest and harshest landscapes.
This botanical garden has been built since 1991. Both as an expert and an ordinary observer, Praščević is fascinated by the flora of these mountains, which persists despite the harsh conditions. Due to the snow and ice with which peaks of Prokletije are covered from the early autumn to the late spring a vegetation period of these living things is very short. Almost every day and every moment of their waking from hibernation, development, flowering and preparation not to be destroyed by the new wave of cold autumn rain, snow and extremely low temperatures, below the peaks that almost touch the sky, present an unforgettable sight. That is why the most plants here are wildly beautiful. The elusive and mysterious game of nature in which a condition for survival is only the beauty and attraction to the bee, a bird or a gust of wind that will somehow bring pollen just when the petals are ready for it, is not anywhere more evident than in the Prokletije Mountains.

Praščević considers himself lucky to have managed to see examples of this wild beauty in their natural environment “where only those who are willing to invest effort and time can get to know them.” In order to make others who are not in the position to hike able to meet interesting flora of Prokletije, Prascevic transferred plants to his botanical garden. At the moment, in “Velemun” there are 237 species mainly brought from Prokletije mountains.

In his fascination with mountains and plants, with special enthusiasm Prascevic talks about endemic, little known and perhaps not yet discovered plant species in the Prokletije Mountains. The justification for such an elation he finds in a recently discovered completely unknown until now plant found in the mountains. The unknown plant has been named Alhemila Vinceki after a couple of researchers, Daniel Vincek and his deceased wife Vera.

Among the many species in the botanical garden Praščević stands out as particularly valuable for its beauty and rarity Blečić’s vulfenija from Visitor, Montenegrin cinquefoil and Prokletiije’s Odol Kien from Karanfil, mountain starry from Greben, Đuraš’s cornflowers from Volušnica, Velemun from Visitor,  the snow edelweiss from Hajla, Alpi’s cinquefoil from Maja’s lake from Albania …
In the botanical garden “Velmun” there are plants that experts have yet to determine. One of them is a tall green plant with broad leaves and yellow flowers planted from Bor Mountain last summer.