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May | Days of Behar

This is an event that heralds the spring on Prokletije, held in May, and 4 years in a row. Unfortunately the last 2 years, this event is missing. The current organizers of the event were: “Center for Culture Plav”, and “Local tourist organization.” The event is the announcement of the tourist season and numerous other events such as “Blueberry Days”, “Gusinje s summer” and others.


Every year “Days of Behar” enrich their program with new facilities which recognizes culture, traditions, customs and gastronomy of the region and the people who live in this area, which is the main goal of this event.


During this event in the parade on the streets participate folclore societies of the region, folklore society  “Plav Lake” and visitors. After the formal presentation of these songs and dances there is the parade of guys and girls dressed in traditional costume, which was decorated with petals and spring flowers, passing through the streets and alleys of the bazaar Plav until Beciragic tower.

In front of mentioned tower, under the tree full of  behar, members of folclore society “Plav Lake,” showing a custom of decorating the girls for wedding, which is still saved, with a performance of traditional original songs. Crown of this event is declaring the most beautiful girl who until next year holds the title “Miss Behar”. The most beautiful girl among them flattering title and a crown made ​​of flowers and Behar from beautiful girl in the previous year. Last Behar Miss was Fatima Rastoder who is member of  folklore society “Necklace” from Vitomirica near Pec.

May | Gusinje's Omaha

The event is held on 6th May with parade folklore society “Jafar Nikočević” from Gusinje. Parade starts from the city center to the Ali Pasha’s sources where traditionally people from Gusinje  washing their faces with water from the spring and with the Behar, because there is a belief that it brings good luck. The organizers are: folklore society “Jafar Nikočević” and the Gusinje Foundation.

May | Lim's Regatta

The event is held for many years, between the end of May and beginning of June, which is highly dependent on weather conditions and water levels of Lake Plav and river Lim. This year it will be held fourteenth Lim regatta. The event is an international and inter-regional character because it held in Montenegro and Serbia, and going through the following municipalities: Plav – Andrijevica – Berane – Bijelo Polje – Prijepolje – Priboj.

The organizers of the municipalities through which flows the the Lim and runs regattas, local tourism organizations and rafting clubs and nongovernmental organizations from mentioned municipalities.

The race brings together the rafters, enthusiasts and lovers of extreme sports and adrenaline from the former Yugoslavia. In recent years, rafters are coming from the area of Western Europe. The duration of the event is 3 days, respectively rafting is held in three stages. The first and most difficult stage begins from the sources of Lim in Plav to Andrijevica, the second stage starts from Berana and leads to Bijelo Polje, while the third goes from Bijelo Polje and ends in Prijepolje.

July - August | Gusinje's Summer

Gusinje’s summer is event, which includes all cultural and sports events in Gusinje, under the direct patronage of the citizens of Gusinje and Gusinje Foundation. Events is held in July and August.

Days of Diaspora (Dani Dijaspore): The event is held each year on August 31th. The event brings together all immigrants from this area, with a rich cultural program. The organizer and sponsor of the event is the Gusinje  Foundation .

Homeland Meetings (Zavičajni susreti) – August 2: The event is held at the Ali Pasha’s sources, a traditional gathering of the population born in this region, and sponsored by the local population and the diaspora.

Vusanje Village games (Seoske igre Vusanje): The event is held to promote breeding of horses. It is traditionally held every year on August 1st with a rich cultural program of local population. The organizer of the local population.

Traditional painting exhibition (Tradicionalna izložba slika): In the event Gusinje’s summer, the artists of the region presenting their works led by Ismet Čekić  . It is held in mid-July.

Basketball tournament – the Americans: the Europeans: Meeting held at the end of July, between the people of the diaspora who lives in Western Europe and in the United States.

The trophy of Prokletije (Trofej Prokletija) : Bicycle Race of peace, friendship and tolerance that is held in the valley Grebaje in July.

Athletic Marathon ( Atletski Maraton): Marathon is held in July, from Plav to Gusinje over Vojno Selo. Sponsor of the event is Rasim Muminović from the USA.

Turkish room (Alaturko soba): Each year as part of Gusinje’s summer, one evening is dedicated to Alaturko- room. It is a traditional room which is located in the Centre for Culture in Gusinje. Rooms can be visited and thus revive the spirit of old times through the woven carpets, tapestries, embroidery, with costumes and all characteristic of this region. They can also try and traditional sweets: hačajlija, hurmašice, tulumba et al.


July - August | Sculpture And Art Colony

It is held in the summer months, in the eco-village “Hrid” in Babino Polje in Plav. The organizers of the event, which was supported by the Fund for Minorities in Montenegro, were PSK “Hrid”, Department of Art and the International University of Novi Pazar. Its members were young artists from the art academies in Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Bulgaria.

July | Days Of Honey

In the Days of Blueberries, under the auspices of the the Municipality of Plav and an apiculture association of Plav is held an exhibition of honey and bee products.

This event is held in the third week of July, as the event Days of  Blueberries. It  brings together associations of beekeepers from Montenegro, as an independent beekeepers from Plav-Gusinje end and many guests from different parts of Montenegro and beyond. The aim of the event is to promote beekeeping in this area.

July | Blueberry Days

Days of Blueberries in Plav held in late July, for 14 years in a row, and grew into an international event. This event is the best promoter of the Plav and of Prokletije Mountains, that are largest natural plantation of blueberries in the world. During these days, visitors can try a variety of products from blueberries- juices, cakes and other goodies, the famous “Akšijaš” – sweet made from blueberry, similar to “suklijaš” – served in a wooden bowl.

It is interesting that it started producing wines from blueberries, which is extremly high quality and is highly demanded in Western Europe and America. In recent years, parade of boys and girls from folklore society “Lake Plav” moving from the cities of the former Yugoslavia to Plav. The last time starting point was Sarajevo.

For the fifteenth, Jubilee Days Blueberries, the program will last for 10 days and the plan is to start with the parade from Dubrovnik. The program of the event is very diverse, from the culture, the arts, the sports to the music, and is a real pleasure for all ages. “Blueberry Days” were declared for the best tourism event in Montenegro and Montenegrin Academy Award winners for 2011. The organizers are the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, the Ministry of Agriculture, Local Tourism Organisation of Plav, Plav municipality, Center for Culture of Plav…


August | Waterlemon Day

On the farm of Dzevat Sarkinovic in Plav, 11.08.2012. held the first time “Watermelon Day”. In fact, it was organized tasting of the fruit, which for the first time cultivated in Plav. This farmer has proved that watermelons can succeed even at an altitude of over 900m. We recall that the cultivation of watermelon in Plav started Mr Dževat Šarkinović on his family farm on the shore of Lake Plav, more than 5 years ago.


In the beginning everyone was skeptical, but the results were more than excellent. Watermelon has enough sun and damp, so that it ripens on the time, has an irresistible taste, odor, color and size. And not only red, in the Plav  ripens yellow watermelon also.


Although this event is an attraction for lovers of healthy food, it also affects the development of agricultural production in the municipality of Plav. This event is supported by the arrival of his many guests from the Plav and the surrounding municipalities. Organiser is Dzevat Šarkinović. In announcing is the Watermelon Days II in  August 2013. year.

August | Plav’s Literary Meetings

Traditional meetings of writers in the Plav held in early August. On the central evening  participating poets from Montenegro, Bosnia and Kosovo. Organizer of this literary meetings is Centre for Culture Plav and sponsors are Plav municipality and The Ministry of Culture.

August | Memorial Tournament “We Will Never Forget You”

In the bombing of the old, the only stone bridge on the river Lim, died in 1999. year he six innocent victims, and for memorial service started the football tournament. The tournament is recognized by fair play, good fubal game, friendly relationship and a fair trial. It has attracted a growing number of teams and the audience. It is held in August. Thanks to the enthusiasm of the people of this region, but also help Municipality of Plav and many other sponsors, the tournament has attracted a growing number of teams, and last year there were about 30 teams from Gusinje to Bijelo Polje, Kolasin and Podgorica.

August | Jumps For Unforgetable

Memorial competition in water jumping called “jumps for unforgetable” is held in August at Novšiće bridge on the river Lim. This event is held in memory of the tragic brethren lost children in the bombing of Murina. Every year brings together a growing number of visitors from the Plav and the environment. Organisers of event are: Municipality of Plav, locals and LTO Plav.

August | Days Of Chokeberry

Last year was opened first Days of chokeberry in Murina near Plav. Chokeberries, or as it is often called Siberian blueberry, is extremely rare and curative plant species in Montenegro. Besides manufacturers of chokeberry from Montenegro, event was attended by guests from abroad. In the Murina was established the first association of chokeberry in Montenegro, which has about 20 members.

During the Days of Chokeberry, visitors become future growers of this very medicinal plants, from which they can make juice, jams, wine, whose tasting is breathtaking and  them convince that from these plants can live healthy and make money, because the opportunities provided by the growing chokeberry are very large. The growing interest of farmers to produce chokeberry is a good indicator that shows that the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development properly support the cultivation of these culture. The aim of the event is to support and promote the breeding these and other crops in rural areas.