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Bjelasica, Komovi and Prokletije region is particular also due to the fact that on a relatively small area you have an opportunity to see very different types of mountain ranges. Prokletije range, aside from being breathtakingly beautiful, it also gives an impression of being inaccessible and dangerous, Bjelasica, which is welcoming and tame, with all its lakes and green pastures, and Komovi, which is the mix of the two. Our farmers have centuries old tradition of moving higher up in the mountains in summer for better pastures for the cattle, so on all these mountains you will find authentic farmers settlements that we call katuns. Beacuse of katuns, we have many unpaved roads leading high up into the mountains.

As we do not have large towns anywhere near, passing these roads at night you will understand what absolute silence and absolute darkness mean. And if you are fan of stargazing, astronomy or astro photography, this is the place for you. Great visibility, no light pollution, and variety of objects for the foreground of your photo, not to mention the great pleasure of experiencing mountains in all their glory.

Photography by Jovan Nikolic