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L im River arises at an altitude of 907 meters above sea level by highlighting from Plav Lake. It is an international with a length of 220 km which flowing through Montenegro, Albania, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and flows into into the River Drina.

R iver itself forms a composite valley where the alternate substitution gorges and valleys and the area around it is called Polimlje. Polimlje is known for its cultural and historical monuments. Today the river is known as one of the most beautiful rivers for rafting. In early summer, the most direct contact with the river have participants Lim’s regatta. They say it is an unforgettable experience, with a lot of adrenaline and the gorge of Tifran which is on the 5-6 kilometers downstream from Berane is beautiful and very exciting too for rafters.

A lthough the rafting in its original form as a mode of transport of timber was known for hundreds of years, rafting on Lim as a sport has a relatively short tradition. We can say that in some sense rafting on river Lim is the discovery of the 21st century. On June 16 2000 year for the first time in an organized manner people entered into the adventure rafting on Lim. It was a group of enthusiasts from mountaineering Ski Club “Kolovrat” who organized the first regatta and slowly began to write a new history of Lim River.

S ince then, every year there is now traditional sports and tourism event called “Limska regata”. The event lasts 3 days and that starts in Plav and ends with in Prijepolje.

I f you are interested in rafting all the way of the river Lim, the optimum time is until the end of June because upper part of Lim is charging exclusively with snow from Prokletije and Komovi Mountains. As soon as the snow disappears also reduces the amount of water and making rafting difficult.

T he regatta is international event because of rafting across the two states, and the large number of participants coming from all over the ex Yugoslavia Republics, and even beyond. Rafting on Lim is one adventure you should not miss. Lim is a river whose canyons carved into the high cliffs overgrown with trees creating scenes to enjoy. Rafting on Lim is unforgettable because of the large rapids followed by a quiet part of the river. The scenes of the dark depths of the river or oval stones in the shallows will forever be remembered. Lim has a large number of bridges and several monasteries that are located in the vicinity.

R iver Lim is one of the rare rivers where we can enjoy a clear and relatively warm water and fresh mountain air of Komovi and Prokletije Mountains. Magical course of the river, the sound of water and mysterious cascading waterfalls are what makes this rafting on Lim unforgettable and unreal. Under the bridge at the source of the river Lim from Plav’s Lake is the starting point for rafters. Regatta moves to Andrijevica 28 km long path for about four hours with a drop of 4.4 to 6.3% and the weight of the II-IV classification. A few kilometers below the town of Berane come across powerful cliffs of the canyon Tifran. The canyon is 1500 m long and 400 m high. Approaching the canyon we do not see it neither beginning nor end, and the deafening noise of water inspires awe. Everything we have learned about rafting will come to the fore. We ride on the waves of of the Great and Little Tifran which are categorized grade IV due to the extreme configuration of the terrain and large fall which rafting on Lim makes it special.