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P rokletije Mountains had long time represented white spot on the map of Europe as unexplored area of ​​outstanding potential. As in other high mountains, hiking the Prokletije Mountains before World War II had a predominantly scientific research and expeditionary character. The first visitors of Prokletije were scientists. Among them are the naturalists, especially geographers, botanists and geologists.

C hronicle of exploration and conquest of the Prokletije Mountains was starting with the journey Frenchman Ami Bue and his companion Vikesnela. 1836 they, as the first European travelers, had walked along part of the Prokletija called “Pec road” between Gusinje and Shkoder.

T his trip had the character of geographical discovery, for the first time in Europe spread the word about the existence of “the majestic Alps in the south of Europe.” One of the pioneers in the conquest, research and popularization of the Prokletije is the great geographer J. Cvijic. On several occasions in the period from 1901 he visiting this mountain to results of their research published in a series of his books.

I n the region of Plav and Gusinje are the highest peaks of Montenegro: Zla Kolata (Kolata e KEC) 2534 m, Dobra Kolata (Kolata e Peace) 2528 m and Rosni Vrh (Maja Rosita) 2525 m. They are all higher than Bobotov Kuk on Durmitor , which according to some documents stand out as the highest peak in Montenegro (2522 m ).
Baba field – Bogićevica is typical high-mountain area which occupies the eastern part of the National Park “Prokletije” in the Municipality of Plav and makes the border area with neighboring Albania and mountain rim of Metohija. This zone has formed several spatial ranges of high alpine looks and features. In the central and western part of the “kingdom of conifer forests”, there is a high mountain Bogicevica (Hridski Krs- 2358m, Veliki Krs -2,374 i Tromeđa – 2,365 m) and colorful Hrid’s lake at an altitude of 1.980 m, located in the heart of the eponymous reserve national Park.

O n a specific geological grounds and spacious meadow- pasture fields, under different angles and altitude difference of 900 m is formed naturally and continuously ski area Bogicevica of ​​over 1,000 hectares (10,000 m leveling), in which it is possible to arrange all kinds of Alpine and Nordic disciplines and recreation in the snow. According to the size it is another ski resort in the whole territory of Montenegro, after Bjelasica ski resort.

G rebaje Valley is a major center of sports and recreational hiking and climbing in the Montenegrin part of Prokletije. Here there were two mountain huts, “Prokletije” and “Carnation”, both with 30 beds. At the entrance to Grebaje a board that says, “When God created the mountain, surely he meant the man, his life more beautiful” – welcome to Grebaje, an oasis of peace and beauty. Since 1980 in valley of Grebaje are organized many camps hikers, and there are also courses in mountaineering and rock climbing. First of all thanks to hiking potential of peak Karanfil, Grebaje Valley has become the most attractive mountain center Prokletija. In general, rocks and peaks of Karanfil (2460 – 2490 m asl) offer great possibilities for hiking and mountaineering, – from easy and extremely hard to climb. Karanfil peak offers a superb view of the Albanian part of Prokletije, where it is the highest point on that side of the border (Maja Jezerce – 2695 m).

A lso, the paths leading up to the top -Očnjak (Maja Nj eri krit- frozen man), at an altitude of 2185 m above sea level, Kotlovi (1,600 m asl) with a beautiful rock Koplje, height 300m, Karalula (1915 m asl ) Volusnica ( 1879 m asl ) located in the eponymous reserve of national park of Prokletije.