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The Town

 nder the mountains whose name means “damnation”, along the lake shore, you can discover the magic attractions of Plav and Gusinje. Even when its people leave it and go to live somewhere else they always go back to it or they create colonies – another Plav and another Gusinje on another continent. Thousands of them meet every year at the end of august at Ali-Pasha’s Springs near Gusinje.

P  lavsko Lake and the river Lim shape the valley in which these two towns lay, surrounded by the slopes covered with forest and meadows. Plav is getting more and more attractive for mountaineers and this is where their adventure of discovering undiscovered mountain range of Prokletije starts. Plav, as the old archives say, was the name for the whole region and it was named after the Roman emperor Flavius (Phlavius) and the times when that area belonged to the Roman Empire. The region is known by its towers and watchtowers from the Ottoman times built in the 17th and 18th century. Go and see mosques, churches and monasteries of this area.

G  usinje is near the border with Albania, southwest of Plav; it is located where two rivers, Grnčar and Vruja, meet.